Black History Month is especially poignant to me, I was born in South Africa the year apartheid ended.

21 Oct 2022

Black History Month is especially poignant to me, I was born in South Africa the year apartheid ended. I was acutely aware of what it meant to me and my family as my Dad taught us about the time he lived through and what meant to him and the country and the changes that were made to the way we lived.

The recruitment as an industry is not something that springs to mind as a career choice for someone from my background, but the sector needs young people with a range life experiences, young people with drive, enthusiasm and tenacity to be successful in recruitment and where a list of qualifications is not always required. We need to tap in the wealth of young people from our inner cities that have these qualities in abundance, at Alexander Ash we actively reach out to the inner-city young job seekers to demonstrate that the recruitment sector is something that would could prove to be a successful and viable career path for them, we offer work experience and work with local charities to ensure we are connecting to these communities.

When I joined Alexander Ash nearly 4 years ago, what really appeal to me about the role was the diversity of the team and how successful the senior management team and how they had grown the business and were an Minority Owned Business accredited by MSDUK really showed me that there was opportunities for me to progress in my role, which proved true when I was promoted to Senior Tech Innovation Consultant. Black History Month assists us to continually learn about what black people have contributed to Britain and how the black community have made a positive difference to the country. One of my passions is football and this is often used to facilitate the bringing together of diverse communities proving we have more in common than what divides us. 

Our clients clearly see the diversity of Alexander Ash’s team at our presentations, pitches and social events and proves that we really do believe in diversity and inclusion in our workplace, this gives us an edge over our competitors, which I find refreshing and something I am really proud to be a part of. Its proves the more effort you put in the bigger the rewards. That is certainly true at Alexander Ash.