A joyful guy called Leslie.

18 Oct 2022

A joyful guy called Leslie.

I’ve been with Alexander Ash for just over 6 months, when I was looking for a new role I always checked the company’s websites to get a feel of the culture and the type of people who worked there, what stood out about Alexander Ash was when I clicked on the ‘meet the team’ page I was pleased to see how diverse the company’s workforce was, as well as being a minority-owned business, this really attracted me to the role. From the day of my interview, there was someone on the panel who grew up near me and we were able to develop an instant rapport even created a shorthand between us that made me comfortable during the interview process so I was able to express myself in a way that clearly demonstrated my key skills and what I could bring to the role, this made a real difference. 

Black History Month has got to be seen as a positive thing, we didn’t learn a lot about British Black history at school and now it has a platform it’s which is proving to be educational and we are now realising the huge contribution to society, the economy and the community black people have made. There is still a lot to be done at the grassroots level including in the school curriculum but this is a move in the right direction

At Alexander Ash, I am able to understand the needs of our candidates and bring a different perspective to the recruitment process that benefits the company and the recruitment process. Similar to the experience with my own interview, I’m able to create a natural rapport with candidates and make them feel at ease and get the best from them so they are also able to feel comfortable sharing their background story and key skills. 

My name is sometimes seen as unusual as it is unisex, something I once questioned, but my mother had a very good reason to name me Leslie as it means joy or joyful. My name makes me noticeable, something that I now proudly embrace.