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Interview guide

Preparing for the interview is the key element for success. The following steps will help you make the right impression.

This is a vital part of any interviewing process. The majority of companies have web sites that include information about them. Knowledge regarding recent activities of the company will impress all HR personnel and project managers.

Prepare a three-point marketing statement advertising you, your skills, abilities and your suitability to the position you are applying for. This should combine a career summary, an exceptional accomplishment and client specific career goals.

Time and place
Ensure that you know how to get to the interview location. Also confirm the time scheduled for your interview and arrive at the location early.

Make sure that your appearance is professional and neat. This means wear a suit regardless of the dress code during work. Also do not smoke or chew gum once at the interview site.

Bring an extra copy of your CV on quality paper, even if you have already faxed or emailed it to them.

Eye contact
Maintain good contact throughout the interview. Sit still – the more you fidget (e.g. rock in your chair) the more nervous you appear.

Listen carefully to the questions being asked and answer the question directly. Avoid going off on tangents and providing superfluous information. Also avoid one-word answers. The interview is a dialogue. The interviewer is as interested in you as a person as much as your skill level. They need to make sure that you fit into their corporate culture and can get along with other members of staff.

Come up with four or five good questions about the job and company (avoid focusing on the salary, holiday entitlement etc). People like to talk about themselves and work. It is a subject they know well. The more they talk, the more they like the conversation. By asking questions you put the interviewer in the position of selling the company and the job to you.

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